Accommodation in the Greek Islands
Hotel Ariadne Skyros

Choose an Apartment or a Studio and
enjoy a magical stay in Skyros

From 84,00€


Capacity: 2-4 Persons | Size: 25m2
Spacious studios offer the ideal choice for the accommodation in the greek islands for couples, friends and families.

From 109,20€


Capacity: 3-5 Persons | Size: 45m2
Τwo-room apartments are the perfect accommodation in the Greek islands for families or groups of friends.

Travel to Skyros

By Car and Ferry-boat:
Skyros is connected through ferry-boat with Evia and the port of KIMI. You can reach KIMI by car or bus. (Skyros Shipping Company)

Skyros Shipping Company (KIMI office): +30 2222 0 22020

Evia Buses (260, Liosion str. Athens): +30 210-8317163

By plane:
There are regular flights throughout the year from Athens and Thessaloniki to Skyros. Flight duration in both cases is approximately 45 minutes.

From Athens to Skyros:
Information & Ticket Reservations: Official Olympic Air® website | Flights in Greece

From Thessaloniki to Skyros:
Enquiries:, Tel. +30 2810223500

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