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The island of Skyros is an ideal destination for hiking and climbing, with trails winding through the forests, the gentle hills of the west and the rocky southern slopes. Most of the trails were used by shepherds from ancient times.

Others traverse significant historical and religious sites of Skyros, such as the old watermill in Anavalsa, dating from the 19th century and the 18th century chapel of Panaghia Lympiani, built in the foundations of an ancient temple.

Along these routes, hikers and climbers come across indigenous, rare and protected species of plants, birds and animals, with the most prominent of all the little horse of Skyros.

Maps of the hiking trails of Skyros are available. Guided tours can also be arranged.

Price: Contact Reception
Duration: Depending on the trail (from 1h to 5h 30min).


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Travel to Skyros

By Car and Ferry-boat:
Skyros is connected through ferry-boat with Evia and the port of KIMI. You can reach KIMI by car or bus.

Enquiries:www.sne.gr (Skyros Shipping Company)

Skyros Shipping Company (KIMI office): +30 2222 0 22020

Evia Buses (260, Liosion str. Athens): +30 210-8317163

By plane:
There are regular flights throughout the year from Athens and Thessaloniki to Skyros. Flight duration in both cases is approximately 45 minutes.

From Athens to Skyros:
Information & Ticket Reservations: Official Olympic Air® website | Flights in Greece

From Thessaloniki to Skyros:
Enquiries: www.skyexpress.gr, Tel. +30 2810223500

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