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A tour to the religious sites of the island of Skyros will reveal numerous churches and small chapels, raised in place of ancient temples or built by the inhabitants in honor of protector Christian saints. The most renowned, is the church of St. George, patron saint of the island, build in 906 by Nikiforos Fokas and Ioannis Tsimiskis and the monastery, built on the acropolis of Skyros a few centuries later.

Also interesting is the chapel of St.Demetrius at Ferekampos featuring murals dating from the end of the 16th century.

During the summer, festivals with local songs and dances take place to honour patron saints like St. Mamas, St. Panteleimon, St. Ermolaos, Panagia Lympiani and St. Artemios.

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Travel to Skyros

By Car and Ferry-boat:
Skyros is connected through ferry-boat with Evia and the port of KIMI. You can reach KIMI by car or bus. (Skyros Shipping Company)

Skyros Shipping Company (KIMI office): +30 2222 0 22020

Evia Buses (260, Liosion str. Athens): +30 210-8317163

By plane:
There are regular flights throughout the year from Athens and Thessaloniki to Skyros. Flight duration in both cases is approximately 45 minutes.

From Athens to Skyros:
Information & Ticket Reservations: Official Olympic Air® website | Flights in Greece

From Thessaloniki to Skyros:
Enquiries:, Tel. +30 2810223500

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