Riding with the Little Horses of Skyros

Activity Description

Enjoy the unique nature of Skyros with the rare Little Horses of Skyros and make your holidays unforgettable!

A kind of small horse lives in the island of Skyros. It is a subspecies of Eqvus Caballus. Its small size however, determines that it should be considered a different and unique subspecies or race with the name Eqvus Caballus Skyriano. In ancient times it could be found in the general area covered by the Aegean Sea. It has been found in archaeological excavations in Marathon and Vergina and it can be seen depicted in several works of Art of the Classical Period, among which the most prominent is the procession of Panathinaia which could be seen on the Parthenon and which now is kept in the British Museum.

Today, the Little Horses of Skyros exist only on the island because special environmental conditions of the island, like extended mountain ranges, allowed its survival. But also the care of the human inhabitants helped a lot since the Little Horses were left to live free in the mountain for long periods every year.

The Little Horses of Skyros are rare and valuable specimens which exist in no other place in the world today and are of major scientific interest and importance. Their mild and friendly character is revealed especially during their interaction with children which has been proven to be very therapeutic.

The Horse Ridding Farm “Apaloosa” in Atsitsa organizes short rides for small children and longer excursions through the green forests of north-western Skyros or the enchanting Agalypa beach for families or groups of friends.

Available activities:

  1. Short ride with the Little Horses of Skyros

Activity Duration: 20 minutes

  1. Ride through the forest

Activity Duration: 1 hour

  1. Excursion to the Agalypa beach

Activity Duration: 4 hours

Children older than 4 years old can ride their own little horse.

Horses suitable for adults are available for family excursions.

Trekking shoes are recommended for longer rides.

Remember to order your pic-nic basket with all your favorite snacks for a lovely summer day with the Little Horses of Skyros!

Price: 10€-35€ per horse
Duration: 20 minutes to 4 hours


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