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Hotel Ariadne Skyros
About us

HOTEL ARIADNE SKYROS Apartments belongs to the company “AEGEOLIS Ltd Tourist Enterprises”. The company was founded in 1986, the construction of the accommodation finished in 1995 and operations started under the name “Aegeolis”.

In 2002 the management of the company changed (dramatically) and since then the property has been fully redesigned, renovated and equipped. In the garden new fruit trees have been planted so that you may have the pleasure to collect fresh fruit ripening in front of your veranda. 

Otherwise, we use Ariadne’s fruit production to make fresh, homemade jams, marmalade, and deserts for your favorite breakfast.

We aim to the overall satisfaction of Ariadne’s friends and visitors. The pleasure of our guests is valuable to us. 

We provide high level, nature-friendly services and products in order for you to feel that you are visiting your own summer home. We wish that our guests enjoy the best possible quality-price relationship so that they keep coming back expressing in that way their constant preference and loyalty. Reciprocally, we provide returning guests with special offers, prices, and services.



Magazia Skyros island

34007 Skyros Greece

Business No.:  1275807 (ver.1)
Business Registry No.: 132035322000

hotel ariadne skyros

Travel to Skyros

By Car and Ferry-boat:
Skyros is connected through ferry-boat with Evia and the port of KIMI. You can reach KIMI by car or bus. (Skyros Shipping Company)

Skyros Shipping Company (KIMI office): +30 2222 0 22020

Evia Buses (260, Liosion str. Athens): +30 210-8317163

By plane:
There are regular flights throughout the year from Athens and Thessaloniki to Skyros. Flight duration in both cases is approximately 45 minutes.

From Athens to Skyros:
Information & Ticket Reservations: Official Olympic Air® website | Flights in Greece

From Thessaloniki to Skyros:
Enquiries:, Tel. +30 2810223500